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We Need Kings of Hills, Not a King of the Mountain

Can you really be anything you want to be in this world?

I don’t think so.

I’ve tried since I’ve been young to “be” many things. I’ve been successful with many of my endeavors, but have failed at many more. I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’m an author, but not a popular one.

I’m an “Environmental Lobbyist”; self funded with no donors.

I’ve fought Verizon and other major corporations, to no avail — Verizon Stole My 7 Year Old Website, Now They’re Taking Your Internet

I could go on about my failures, but rather, I’d like to discuss some of my successes.

I have an amazing 2 year old son. I am a father, and, unlike my own, know my son. He is healthy and handsome. I love his mother greatly.

I wrote a book. It’s revolutionary — “Incentives and the Environment”. People will catch on. I will write more and better books. This one is special.

I am the creator of Emissions Tax. Not Leonardo DiCaprio. Not Bill Nye. Not Al Gore or Bill McKibben. I — Robert Tanguay, have created the only viable solution to Global Warming besides mass genocide.

Enough masturbating, let’s get to the point of this piece of writing.

There is Not Enough Opportunity in the World

All the land on earth is owned. All of the fortunes have been made.

Sure, you can get a job, work your way up, save your money, and buy a house. The American Dream.

But unless you were born into wealth or the upper middle class, 99.9% chance to legally come up, you will have to either:

a.)Trick, Fool or hurt people by selling scammy products for employers or yourself.

b.) Go into enormous debt so you can get a degree. Then, you must use your skills and credentials to scam or fool people for your employer to pay your debt, and then, to secure your family’s future.

c.) Learn a trade, earn a solid middle class income working hard, only to get scammed by someone in the a.) or b.) category, or legislated by the bellow group — “Elites”

“Most things are more difficult than they need to be.”

Elites Build Mountains and Pyramids

They do not create hills or plateaus. When I stated “coming up” earlier, I meant coming up from poverty, or from the bottom of your class.

If you want to become “Elite”, you must be either chosen or allowed.

Most celebrities are children of celebrities. Successful entrepreneurs come from families of wealth. They are given the capital to to experiment or fail. They get bailed out of jail when they get caught with weed at a party. Their speeding tickets get paid by Daddy. So does their insurance and lease payments.

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Donald Trump — all privately tutored or funded by their parents. Jared Kushner — his father donated millions to Harvard.

It wasn’t always this way, but since the early 90’s, or the advent of the internet, capital has condensed even more rapidly. Now, the opportunity to make money the internet is collapsing.

Artificial Intelligence is capital, and it will deal the final blow.

Don’t believe me? Prove it. I know that you know it’s the truth.

Most likely you’re afraid of what you have to lose.

I am too.

The difference is that I know that unless these things change, my dreams will never come true. I hope that this article has made you realize the same.

Deep thought re: Environment, AI, Equality, Economics, Small Business. Founder of New England Marketing & Efficiency; Author of “Incentives and the Environment”

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