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How New Hampshire Government Works - Can you name the characters in your state?

Corruption and Injustice New Hampshire Family Courts, Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. Abuse of Children.

Backseat of My Car on July 25th, 2023 — almost a year after I saw my children last.

New Hampshire Oliver Twist

A True Story of Government Corruption and the New Hampshire Family Courts

Consisting of the Willful and Malicious Abuse of Robert Tanguay (Father) and his two young Children by the mother, her attorney Heidi Ames, Judicial Referee Maloney and Judge Prevett, employees of the State of New Hampshire.

Update — Here is the last hearing, illegally on default, with the false narrative written by the judge. I have no parental rights, and never got a trial. September 5th, 2023

October 14th, 2023–1 year since I lost my job, with benefits. 10 1/2 Months since I’ve seen my children, or they’ve seen me. This is the greatest tragedy that can ever happen. I have been ordered to break the law, for which would have put me in jail. I am held in contempt of court for not doing so.

Simply ridiculous, abuse of power. Evil. Abuse of my children. This is happening not just in New Hampshire, but all over the country.

It needs to be stopped.

What the Dickens?

I’ve never read Oliver Twist, I lived it. Only a viewing on VHS of the 1982 movie; “More Please”, one of the last films I watched with my children at the paternal home, after I was forced out.

I grew up without a father, and started knocking doors at nine years old selling greeting cards, to a paper route. I sold weed to buy school clothes and lunch in high school.

Being a well known story, and the premise of the social commentary of Charles Dickens’ work, it came to my head late one night alone, isolated — these fucking assholes.

Not these guys; they’re great.

Give me my children back, give them back to me.

Little did I know the story involved domestic violence — a woman that kidnapped Oliver Twist . The courts, schools and government are the modern day workhouses and orphanages that scour New Hampshire families for contention, ratchet it up purposefully, and then profit from it by funneling federal funds into non-profits.

I have been removed from my home and had to change everything in my life and kids lives for no legitimate reason, and it furthered with fraud.

The courts, lawyers, mother and police officer broke and continue to break laws, knowingly, and work together to hide the crimes.

I have been defamed, with everything I have worked for destroyed by physically and mathematically impossible findings by a judge, sent to the police — strategically done to hide a crime committed by the mother and a police officer.

All this while the mother started a new relationship with a married man, organized her closet, went on vacations, dates and trips — resulting in yelling and screaming at me in front of the kids because she was up all hours of the night engaging in an affair as a mistress.

While it is no longer illegal in the State of New Hampshire (Adultery was repealed in 2014), it isn’t something to be proud of.

It most certainly isn’t in the best interests of the children.

By the way, this was all done in front of me and the children while I had keys to and frequented the home they grew up in.

I guess I just an “angry and desperate man” that won’t accept that she “moved on” as her attorney, who chairs the Woman’s Bar Association, stated repeatedly, in writing with her pleadings to the court….

I am writing this to ask for your help. I have absolutely nowhere left to go.

I don’t want to. I want to be throwing a football with my two sons. Working on EmissionsTax and ScrubMoney. Finishing my Salesforce Administration and Tableau Certification for my sales and marketing company, New England Marketing & Efficiency. I had to start 5 days after the fictitious Domestic Violence Petition was filed. I was served on Saturday, with the classes starting that Monday (yes, two days later).

In other words, I want to continue to make the world a better place, as I always have done.

Being a good parent is about more than who picks up the children from daycare. Most importantly, it’s about the world you build for them.

I have been removed from society, held outside the protection of law, fired from my job, kicked out of my home to live in a drug infested slum, threatened for my life, outcast from my lifelong friends, and have not seen my children, without warning for almost one year.

And so, with this factual essay (in draft form), I will explain in detail my issues, from which I can come to only one conclusion, based on all the facts derived from my efforts — that the New Hampshire Family Courts and all related agencies are corrupt, purposely and negligently, to the point of irrefutable fraud and illegality.

They protect women at the expense of men; the rich over the poor; friends or those they wish to know over those they don’t. All to make money and avoid doing their jobs.

Then, I will ask for your help specifically, with the understanding that you may not have to help, but should. You may not have caused this, but you are and will continue to be affected by the results of these tragedies.

I am suffering and so are my children. We have been put on this Earth to make others happy; to reduce their suffering. We all share the same fate.

And if you are one of the agencies listed that did nothing, I ask you to please do your job. I had to write this because you have done otherwise.

It is Always Someone’s Fault, Everything Happens for a Reason

Lawyers and the people that can afford use them to get what they want. In family law, which is not yet fully settled, judges do whatever they want without repercussion.

They (the lawyers) say New Hampshire is a no fault state in divorce, however, that is not true. There are actually 7 reasons, or faults:

Drunkeness, Infidelity, Abandonment, Abuse

No Common Law Marriage? What is RSA 457:39 Cohabitation? Only 3 years.

They have ruined my life. They continue to hurt my children and torment me.

On July 25th, 2022, I called the police twice to report a crime, what most would call “kidnapping”, prior to any parenting petition. The mother and her married boyfriend would make demands such as forced introductions, only to break up several times after, and blame it on me.

He would come over in the middle of the night while our kids were known to come down and crawl into bed. She admitted to this. She bragged about it. She had a special ringtone when he would incessantly text her when I was at the paternal home with my children.

How to Gain Strategic Advantage in Parenting Cases/Divorce

The police have never been called on me; I have committed no crime, nor been charged. It is simply because the woman I love and always will, as she is the mother of my children, lost attraction to me, and found someone else, who happened to be married at the time, and is an active duty police officer, and wanted to start a new family, without my input, and I told them no.

They started their relationship no less than two weeks from me moving out of a planned family, 9 1/2 year common law marriage and our third house together. This was after she posted to social media an advertisement that she was a single woman, blocking me from seeing the post, only to later send it to me for unknown reasons. It got hundreds of likes and comments, from my “friends” and prior family members. People I grew up with. She got a lot of attention, and plenty of men wanted to talk to her, as she pointed out.

Senile Judge; Lying Lawyer

So, they filed a fictitious domestic violence petition against me. Coached by others as she is pretty and nice to everyone but me. The lawyer literally wrote the petition, in 3rd person, with the impossible statement that the mother was upstairs giving a bath when there is no bathroom “upstairs”.

Claiming no violence, but a “fear of what he will do next” (which actually comes from an NHPR article), in direct response to a motion I filed asking the court to order mediation.

This is why it is against the court rules, or Supreme Court Law (see NH Article 73), to issue restraining orders on “offers of proof”. But that is exactly what happened at the December 13th, 2022 Domestic Violence hearing.

No One Cares, Withheld From the Protection of the Law

I have, multiple times, gone to her parents, Police, County Prosecutor, Domestic Violence Help Lines, Governor, Attorney General, City Solicitor, New Hampshire Bar Association, Family Courts, New Hampshire Supreme Court and Administrative Offices.

The repeated response when seeking help or filing a complaint, except from the Grandparents, who aid in their daughters ill behavior, are “to get a lawyer”. The prosecutors are supposed to be my lawyer; they are our lawyers.

When reaching out to an agency, the poor treatment is typically from the supervisors; the lower level people that I speak to are actually understanding. Any person is, how can they not. It’s the bureaucracy; in legal speak, “libido dominae” — the lust for power over others, that causes these issues my children and I suffer from. The mother suffers too.

It’s hard to talk to the supervisors, purposely so, and the administration is set specifically to cause that and shield the controlling interests from accountability in their actions, or inaction. This same procedure is employed with customer service for large corporations, where when you call you get an automated system, now ChatGDP AI, to a powerless overseas worker whose job essentially is to spend their $1 an hour time against your $30/hour time until you give up and accept the bad service.

The important thing to remember is that this poor service I’m bringing up is not over a $50/month cellphone bill from Verizon; it is about children, family, love, justice and freedom — the very essence of life itself. There are no competitors to switch to; there is only one New Hampshire, only one United States of America.

There are only two Tanguay children.

As hard as I’ve tried to get away from it my entire life, I’m still just a salesman tap dancing for food. This time, I’m tap dancing by force of the state; a court system and social network

What it’s Like to be Withheld from Justice

You’re sitting at a high school lunch table with your friends you’ve know for years. They start fighting with you, tell you to leave and take your lunch.

“Give me my lunch back, why are you doing this?” you say.

“Because we don’t like you. You put us in fear.”


“You deserve better. We don’t make a good team.”

After begging and pleading, you go and tell the teacher and she comes over and instructs them to all take turns throwing food at you, then orders you to buy them lunch for ten years and you can no longer sit at the table.

This is how the New Hampshire Family Courts work, and instead of sandwiches, it’s children and parental rights.

Fraud for Strategic Gain

The results of the false Domestic Violence Claims were a mathematically and physically impossible “Findings of Fact”, or judgement, and the complete removal of my parental rights. She was not scared of me, did not speak in court, and I was not allowed to question her or present my claims.

Her lawyer lawyer lied in court, then corrected those statements, which ended up on the fraudulent Final Orders of protection sent to the Manchester Police Department.

When a person is accused of something falsely they can think of nothing else but the pain, and how to get their good name back. The pain of having your identity, all the good things you’ve done, all your plans and hard work protecting and building a reputation.

Multiply that an infinite number of times when, without going through any logical or legal process, they take your children away, while being heard laughing in the courthouse. There aren’t enough cigarettes to make it make sense.

What’s worse is the absolute agony I have suffered knowing that the person that I spent near a decade with keeping warm, fixing snacks, and taking her to bed, would do this to me, or let it happen.

She wrote in a letter to me at the beginning of the breakup, that I submitted to the court — which said she was easily manipulated by others including me, her friends and family.

Things are starting to change, ever since I mentioned this factual essay, “New Hampshire Oliver Twist”, which has come to my mind, as a published author and marketing professional, by the help of my only support group -others who have been removed from their family in the same unjust manner as I.

And through this discussion and review of their stories, and living through this continued nightmare, it is clear that, despite what all the testimony from the invited state employees and selected industry lobbyists say, the legal system is belligerent to pro se, self-represented individuals.

The courts favor women, or the moneyed party, and purposefully increase contention across all cases to fund members of the bar association, or lawyers, who eventually become Attorney Generals, Department Managers, and Supreme Court Justices.

The Meaning Of Life

There is no right more important to a parent than the right to raise their child. A child is a piece of each parent, and when taken away, hidden, and refused to be returned, causes that parent so much pain that it is prohibited by laws, punishable by up to 7 years in prison.

That crime in New Hampshire is RSA 633:4 Interference with Custody, what is commonly called “Kidnapping”, however is not, as that requires a “ransom like element”. When the child is taken out of state, there is no justification or defense, and it is a felony. It is also a form of Domestic Violence.

I reported this crime twice to the Manchester Police Department on July 25th 2022, but they took no report. I have the phone calls.

Dismantling of the Tanguay Family

Throughout this process, I was screamed at “fucking narcissist”, in front of my one and four year old children, physically pushed, in front of those same children.

I was told I was annoying, that she didn’t like me, insulted for having ADD when I was a teenager, told, in writing that I got cheap rent (for our 3rd house together). This is from a woman that said we were soul mates, with unconditional love, in writing, would fall asleep in my lap, for which she got the name “Kitten” and I was Bobby Bear.

I caught her talking to her ex-fiancé from a facetime that came through while she was “at BJ’s” on my son’s iPad, a week before Christmas. This is the same guy who I had to call the police on because he threatened me and her, stole from her as he was addicted to Percocets, and assaulted her resulting in a chipped tooth at a wedding.

I have the police report, which they sent a police officer to take a statement, but did not investigate further as they said he couldn’t be found, but if he continued to harass, to call them back.

I don’t believe she cheated on me, at least not physically.

The mother of my children ended our 10 year relationship with me in November 2021 when I moved out of the paternal home because, as she said, “I loved her more than she loved me” and that she “felt we were like roommates”.

This was result of a series of three breakups of a common law marriage, planned family, which began after the first round of PPP Covid loans were dispersed.

She posted to Facebook two weeks after I moved out that she was a single mother, which she started talking to a still married man, Windham Police Officer Daniel Dawe every day.

This is after watching the show “Sex Lives”, which she later acted out, and posting while I was still in the paternal home her crying saying she finally got the help she need, counseling, referring to her mental issues.

Upon Moving Out

I was a more involved father than most. I stayed home full time with both my boys while attempting to run my marketing business, including caring for them while their mother trained to be a doula overnights and lactation consultant, which she quit after performing those services for 5–6 of our family friends.

Since Covid was still a thing, apartments were hard to find. Being kicked out, I had to move to the slums of Manchester, where people would overdose in the hallway. Growing up the way I did, I knew not to say anything, to just deal with it.

I would spend time with the kids at the paternal home, even sleeping over at times. Being away from my children was detrimental — I remember laying on the bean bag at my studio apartment where I would suffer what’s called “Broken Heart Syndrom”, or mild heart attacks.

I would fall asleep for brief moment, only to be awoken with absolute fear — where are my kids, are they safe. This is normal — the night before I moved out, like every night, my 2 year old Ethan fell asleep on my chest.

Pre-Family Court (Prior to Filing a Parenting Petition/Domestic Violence)

July 25th, 2022 — Mother takes child out of state without notice, permission, or discussion, purposefully hiding whereabouts after a 30-day email thread asking her plans 4 times, and telling her that she does not have permission to take children on day trip with then married Police Officer, Daniel Dawe, (her now ex-boyfriend). Then refused to bring back, for an indeterminate amount of time — in Violation of RSA 633:4 Interference with Custody, a Class B Felony, with no justification, and also Domestic Violence.

Police were called twice on July 25th 2022 and did nothing, would not even file a report.

Here are the calls to the Manchester Police and the following complaint. They do not include the off record conversations with Police Officer, as they were not on a recorded line.

The legislative history shows in 2005, RSA 461A was a chapter re-write, clarifying “Parental Rights and Responsibilities”, and in conjunction RSA 633:4 Interference with Custody, was enacted. The language and intent shows that even married parents that get into a disagreement cannot just take the children out of state while hiding the whereabouts of the children and refusing to bring them back. It is common sense.

Wizard Of Laws

While lawyers, judges and other related will have you believe that only they have the magical secrets to understand justice and all legal matters, these simple courtroom cantrips are made to make a person believe they have the answers, and they are so complex, only they can understand.

Just look at the bench where judges sit; it is a booster seat, a pretend throne. The same tactic is used in late night talk shows, where the host’s seat is higher than the guest. Superiority, just not as pronounced.

Legal professionals are not geniuses, they don’t even know or follow the laws, and in my case specific, are frauds.

I was used for Breeding; Treated Like a Dog

It is embarrassing, painful, disruptive, and illegal. Soul crushing. Please believe this is the last thing I wanted to write.

A man does not want pity, I never wanted to go to court.

This is in VR, you can scroll with your fingers or move your phone around.

I Was — Strike That, Am an Amazing Dad and Person

Most People and Families Don’t Have These Issues

But I am not the only one.

They look for people and situations easy to manipulate, or, if there is enough money available, aid in the splitting up of family in benefit of the person they wish to socialize with, restructuring society for political gain. Not much has changed since 1838.

They do not care about children, or parental rights. Only who has money for a lawyer, and how much they can derive from this event. To increase the likelihood of families splitting up, or expand their market share, they hand out goodies like child support, alimony and transfer of assets.

Better pay or you’ll get shanked.

And so, they create false narratives and stereotypes, pandering to human greed and fear, to create lucrative traps and machinery of oppression.

I say they, because lawyers are officers of the court, and police are officers of the law, or state. Just off the top of my head, I knew that the police used to be private security for the rich, when a quick search shows that the first public police force was formed in Boston in 1838.

It is now just a dating club of second and third marriages; war brides of social media and hypergamy. Monkey branching on the Tree of Knowledge.

For the Court’s Amusement

I knew the law before reading every word of it, being belabored to explain over and over again, tap dancing for justice. I’ve written hundreds of pages for the courts delight, without pay, which is my profession.

This is servitude. It is unconstitutional.

Oh yes, I’m in Duress

You are currently reading a draft version, released with the necessity of what you will come to see, as an actual emergency. I am the victim of Domestic Violence, per statute, and my children and I continue to get abused, deprived of time and energy that can never be gotten back. My name and reputation slandered, embarrassed in front of the only family I have, all for the amusement and righteousness of my abusers. Harassed with fraud.

The Attorney alerted the courts that I had testified at the house committee in her pre-trial filings that it would be evidence, in addition to a fraudulent financial affidavit.

As a retaliation to my testimony in the Special Committee, the court moved the trial date from Spring of 2024 to September 5th and 12th, or when the committee reconvened to take more testimony. 🤔

They also held me in contempt for not following orders that would violate the fraudulent protection orders, which were issued unlawfully. I would go to jail if I followed them and the court was aware.

I want you to know, that at the same time the original “Oliver Twist” was published, in this same country I reside, there was slavery, and it was justified.

And in these same courts, and even the United States Supreme Court, it was argued and affirmed that men do have a right to enslave others, even when the constitution said otherwise.

Currently, the US Supreme Court has decided that there is no right to be a parent. But there is. The 1st Amendment which protects the God given, natural right to practice religion of one’s choosing, providing it does not interfere with another person’s rights.

Purposeful contention for profit, power and attention.

Religion is just the practice of a set of beliefs. It is not specific, and it is individual. It is exactly what a family and parenting is. The government has no right or need to be involved in a persons family matters.

I can back all of my statements as they are truth. I have, and they have created a public record in the courts and in law which they current attempt to hide within their paperwork palaces of mold.

Walking the Plank

The courts power is in the exclusive use of force in administering law. Their racket is within the Bar Association, a legal lobby, required to be admitted into to become a lawyer in New Hampshire, and most states.

August 1st, 2023 Telephonic Hearing — You can see for yourself how I was treated.

Attorneys are “Officers of the Court”, and granted license exclusively to “practice” law. The New Hampshire Supreme Court administers all the judges, courts and lawyers. To maintain the rates that lawyers can charge, they control the supply of attorneys, and oppress those that do not hire attorneys.

The judges and attorneys do not follow laws, and there is no mechanism to get a new judge no matter what they do. You can file a complaint, but that will not get you a new judge or remove an attorney.

If you are unhappy with a decision, your only recourse is beg and plead with the Supreme Court, while jumping through arbitrary rules meant to generate more fees for lawyers. If you don’t submit to their will, they retaliate against you.

The “justices” will assault you with delay; vague non-sensical orders that break rules and law — “Defendant has shown no fact or matter of law the court has overlooked” is a common response to 10 pages of detailed pleadings.

In the courtroom, they interrupt the self-represented party during their every minute, argue and disrespect them for the amusement of the silent plaintiff and their family.

After that circus is done, they write and send false narratives they know not to be true(fraud), unlawful orders and favorable decisions for the lawyered party with no legal basis. They mock the pro-se individual with terms such as “disjointed”, “strangely”, “disturbingly”.

They do so with blatant disregard to New Hampshire Constitution Article 14 [Legal remedies to be free, complete, and prompt.] See for yourself.

  • You do not have to pay court or lawyers to access the law
  • Justice is to be complete
  • Justice is to be without delay

They then disdainfully tell you to get a lawyer, and then the opposing party objects and asks the court to grant attorney fees, or pay the party suing you. This is in family court, in New Hampshire — the “Best State for Freedom” according to our Governor…

All while the judges receive another $3,500 weekly paycheck, plus benefits. $168,000 a year salary. A lawyer base rate is $250–$300 an hour. Good lawyers don’t become judges typically, because $300 x 40 x 52 =$624,000.

It is a simple scheme. The courts create a constant flow of paperwork by never dealing with the issues presented to them, illegal and or vague orders, and false narratives — resulting in a record so large, the expense and time in appeals make it impossible to complete.

You either have to submit to their will or walk the plank — with the clock ticking to final judgement.

The New Hampshire Family Courts and Services are in Disarray

So much so, there is a special committee formed that has been getting public testimony that contradicts their invited guests from the state and paid lobbyists.

The invited guests get 30–45 minutes to speak and are treated as colleagues, where the public gets 5 minutes to speak and are treated like liars.

The invited speakers are mostly paid to be there, and blame the issues on the families and lack of funding, supporting the courts, agencies and lawyers as colleagues.

Overview of Places I Was Refused Help

In summary, I did everything possible, followed every law, rule and contacted the agencies we are all to have access to.

This is not a complete list of all the infractions, and will be updated.

From December 2022 to Present, I have been calling, writing, doing anything I can.

New Hampshire Attorneys and Legal Professionals

I called multiple attorneys — cold calls and one’s referred to me. Referrals we involved in too many contentious cases (good lawyers), or would not work within reasonableness.

When you call a law firm, you get a secretary that asks you simply: What do you do for work, what does she do? They are fishing for families that can afford the tens of thousands of dollars it takes in family courts unless both parties agree on all the aspects.

They then request a $5–$10k retainer. They know far too well that some cases can get into the hundreds of thousands.

Then, of course there is Heidi Ames, the opposing counsel in my family matter. She simply lies in court, doesn’t submit required paperwork, continues known mathematically and physically impossible findings in court(s), and then requests that I pay for it.

Lawyers stand to make a lot more money when the isolate the parties, and that is just what she has done.

Manchester Police Department

I called the Manchester Police Department twice on July 25th, 2022 (I have the recordings). This was because the mother purposefully hid the location of my two young children from me, after asking her in writing for over a month several times what her plans were. She would not return them or tell me when they were coming back.

Her recently married boyfriend, a Windham Police Officer caused the removal and detained my children at an unknown camp he had rented.


It also appears that he called the police on me:

They planned this for months.

Rather than take a report, the MPD told me to go to court and they can’t do anything.

This is not true — for it is very clear that this is against the law, in New Hampshire, RSA 633:4 Interference with Custody, or what most would call kidnapping. When taken out of state, there is no justification, and it becomes a felony offense.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the call:

And here is service of the compliant:

Rather that work with me in the relief, they hired a lawyer. That’s after a month or so of having me talk with the company that self insures the City of Manchester. The city recently just settled a near $90,000 claim for arresting a panhandler (the ACLU got involved — but have ignored my call)

From December of 2022 to present, the Police refuse to investigate it, and are rude and retaliatory to me in every way, so much so I had to file a complaint with them and beg the Attorney General to investigate.

The police continue to deny me service because they are covering up a previous failure to provide service, and also because they have false, fraudulent statements and orders from the court.

By doing so they are protecting a fellow police officer from Windham, NH — one which they may hope to court to work for the state’s largest police force. Judge Prevett — who worked with Detective Feliciano (on my Interference with Custody case), has blocked my legally filed Interrogatories, or requests for discovery, apparently in effort to hide the felony crime committed.

Mounds of paperwork to be a parent — unlawful orders, fraud and injustice.

Family Courts

Currently imposing illegal child support, contempt and default orders. Fraudulent, mathematically and physically impossible findings of fact.

Only rule in mother’s favor despite knowledge of fraud in the court by Attorney and Moving Party

New Hampshire Supreme Court

Struck my brief, currently knows of fraud, has not responded. On vacation?

Governor Sununu

Turned me away, said get a lawyer.

New Hampshire Attorney General

“Get a Lawyer” says Kelise Ducey of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office

Hillsborough County Prosecutors/Board of Directors

Would not prosecute, told me to go to police, they are to investigate. Will not tell me what evidence is in their possession. Detective Felicianno was supposed to investigate.

Manchester City Solicitor

They hired a lawyer to fight me instead of dealing with the issues

Domestic Violence Advocates

They would not and still will not help me.

Department of Health and Human Services — Child Support

They turned me away from a hearing, will not notify court of violations of law. Documented fraud.

The Agencies, Courts and Lawyers Don’t Follow the Law

They profit from it. The courts, lawyers and agencies are hiding it.

A clear example of this is when Former/Current Lawyer, DCYF Director Joe Ribsom testified on 5/2/23, “there are processes in place… motions to reconsider, appeals”, only to leave the state one month later for private enterprise.

I hope the new judges are trained really well… “No, they’re mandatory appeals.” I want you to pay attention to this; I will explain the appeal process, or entire legal system in a short bit.

They mention no problems with the court systems, and neither does Governor Sununu in the notice of his Ribsom’s resignation, knowing that hundred of families have sued the state for the Manchester Sununu “Youth Center”, administered by DCYF, involving hundreds of state employees and 11 arrests for rape and physical abuse from 1963 to 2018.

“Joe Ribsam was integral in rebuilding an agency at its most challenging time,” said Governor Chris Sununu. Not only did taxpayers pay for rape and to cover it up for decades, but there is a $100 million dollar fund for victims. Sununu is not running for re-election; please take note.

They ask for money, more judges, funding, while presenting no solutions or even cause of the problems that kids are involved in DCYF/Children Jail. They don’t know because they never lived it. They don’t live it.

DCYF Joe Testifies at Special Commitee for Family Courts
Smilin’ Jersey Joe answers someone more important than the Special Family Committee (watch) — Is he talking to a non-profit that he is aligning funding for?

You might find it amusing, that instead of “Jersey Joe” answering a question, you see him look down at one of his two phones, pass the question, then go to smile and respond to them.

His dismissive behavior gets him re-invited.

Family Court Timeline

September 19th, 2022 Parenting Petition Served

I found out about this not by official service, but by an introduction to her attorney 15 minutes after I emailed a written complaint for damages (not a lawsuit) to the mother.

First Appearances not held together or with Judge, in violation of Family Court Rule 2.11 First Appearance, Mediation Not Scheduled

Moving Party’s Attorney Heidi Ames never filed an appearance, in Violation of Rule 1.16

On November 15th, Got Accepted to Federally Funded Certification Program (Because I registered for selective service as men must at age 18).

In November, re-registered Corporation, and got a client at $52/hour

Received a quote for and was planning oral surgery, and Invisalign, paid by insurance partially.

She knew all of this — however the Domestic Violence Petition written in the 3rd person by her attorney said she was “afraid of what I was going to do next”


November 28th — Tanguay Files Motion to Order Mandatory Mediation

November 29th — I go to the dentist for cleaning and update on procedures

November 30th — Mother’s Lawyer writes and Files Domestic Violence Petition, Granted without hearing, awarding full custody of children to mother, in violation of NH Constitution Article 15, Right of the Accused:

[Art.] 15. [Right of Accused.] No subject shall be held to answer for any crime, or offense, until the same is fully and plainly, substantially and formally, described to him; or be compelled to accuse or furnish evidence against himself. Every subject shall have a right to produce all proofs that may be favorable to himself; to meet the witnesses against him face to face, and to be fully heard in his defense, by himself, and counsel. No subject shall be arrested, imprisoned, despoiled, or deprived of his property, communities, or privileges, put out of the protection of the law, exiled or deprived of his life, liberty, or estate, but by the judgment of his peers, or the law of the land; Every person held to answer in any crime or offense punishable by deprivation of liberty shall have the right to counsel at the expense of the state if need is shown; this right he is at liberty to waive, but only after the matter has been thoroughly explained by the court.

My first time testifying in front of the Special Committee on Family Courts called as the numerous complaints in New Hampshire Family Courts

Domestic Violence RSA 173B is Unconstitutional

December 13th, Domestic Violence Hearing — was not allowed to present my full defense or my claims of Domestic Violence. Plaintiff’s attorney did not file appearance, said she would in court, stated I looked into a sliding glass door that does not exist, provided no evidence of being there, said I contacted Plaintiff 1100 times a month for 3 months, which conflicted with her evidence of text logs that had less than that, she did not provide texts just logs. Plaintiff did not testify, was not allowed to question her, among numerous other injustices.

Again, Attorney Ames did not file an appearance, Violating Rule 1.16, and admitted so in court when asked by the Referee, and said se would. She never did. Nor did she in the parenting case

The petition was filed with no claims of physical of sexual abuse, rather contained spectral statements in aims to gain strategic advantage in the parenting case and hide the crime of Interference with Custody and others which would have been solidified through the Discovery Process.

The lawyer used it to isolate mother from father, raising contention and animosity in the case, knowing that the mother’s family had the resources to pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, which she would not get if mediation took place.

Her “boyfriend” did the same, making fun of me, controlling the mother with the hopes of getting a bigger house.

Mathematically and Physically Impossible Fraud

December 14th, Judicial Referee writes mathematically and physically impossible findings of fact, presents to Judge (who happened to have worked at the Women’s Bar Association for years), then Final Orders are sent to the Manchester Police (False Report of Crimes) and entered into a nationwide database.

3–4 detailed motions are made pointing these facts and fraud, asking the court to reconsider, all denied without cause, before filing a supreme court appeal. The lawyer and mother knew this, along with the evidence submitted, to be impossible.

Parenting Family Matter

December 22nd Temporary Parenting Hearing Held, where Petitioner (Mother + Lawyer) requested orders received less than 24 hours prior to the hearing, in violation of RSA 173 B.

Orders are issued — That Conflict with Final Protection Orders, if followed, the police would have to arrest me without bail, RSA 173B:9, multiplying to felonies.

No changes were made to Final Protection Orders as required by 173B:8

Since Petitioner already lied on the petition, in court (lawyer as she did not testify), I was put in immense fear so avoided contact with the children.

Further, when trying to arrange seeing my children, trying to be in compliance with the court order, under duress, Heidi Ames wrote to me threats that if I talked to her parents at the exchange that would be a violation of the protection order, which is not.

This started December 22nd 2022, with the threat in writing being on January 12th

“Further, we do not agree to you contacting any of her family members and such contact will be considered a violation of the DVP”

Threats of Arrest

In response to stating in writing that it is expected that I can contact her father about the exchange at the police station, after arranging the grandparents to do the exchanges on December 22nd in writing.

Later, filed in court several times (Indexes ______) and presented at the May 9th hearing by mother and her attorney, testifying that the mother violates the domestic violence orders, even though fraudulent, by going to the police station on Saturday’s.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

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I am a lobbyist, and very interested in family law and legal reform. I have testified at the Special Committee for Family Courts 3 times.

We need to repeal 173B Domestic Violence Protections, as it is unconstitutional Article 15 [Right of the Accused]

We need to repeal Judicial Sovereign Immunity; the courts, judges and lawyers don’t follow the laws because there are no repercussions. They will when they start getting judgements awarded for damages caused by thier actions — it will make the news and will change.

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