We all want to be loved unconditionally — first starting by our parents, then friends and family and growing in to our life partner.

We crave the safety of an unbreakable bond, a enduring and forgiving connection. It allows us to make mistakes, to grow without fear of abandonment.

It’s Not Like This

Working at a video store as a teen, I ended up watching the cheesy romance movies from the 80’s and 90’s. Being an only child, without knowing my father and too scared to admit I knew nothing of love, they helped me form a wrong impression of what love is.


As I type this article, each strike of my keyboard is being recorded by Microsoft. They claim it is to improve the services it provides me, but I believe otherwise.

It is to train their AI.

Not only does it know how fast I can type my thoughts, it also knows how they come to fruition. It knows what I remove, what I add. When I make those changes and such.

If I were to write in a platform such as Facebook or Medium, it could, and most likely would, do the same. What up Gramerly, you see all.


Picture a baseball team, or any sports team if you don’t like baseball.

In professional sports, only the best players get a shot at playing. After generations of highly optimized training systems, the bar of play has continuously risen. People do amazing things in regular season games.

Sports at any level are competitive. It’s a good thing.

Now picture America. Compare it to a professional sports team. Are the best people in the “starting” line up? I would argue not.

America is run, for the most part, by heredity — rich and powerful families. They have the money, all the…

“You can have the greatest idea, the most accurate solution, but if no one can see or hear it, it doesn’t matter.”

Thoughts come about a person by the labor of reflecting on past experiences, learned knowledge and new information (news). These thoughts can be used to act or influence other’s actions. As our species and society leaves the natural world, capital is becoming more concentrated while individual rights and powers are shrinking in value.

That is, unless you are the person that controls the capital. You can use that capital to buy distribution.

People do what is in their…

Remembering the 2008 Financial Crisis and how it affected my finances and small business when help was not targeted properly.

It may be a better idea to implement a “protect at risk” strategy over social distancing and disruption.

The world is in some sort of chaos. Stock markets have been getting chopped, countries are shutting down. It is kind of scary.

Reduce Pollution or Try to “Save” Every Sick Person — You can’t have both.

An unfortunate part of our natural world is that we don’t live forever.

People get sick, people starve without enough nourishment, and eventually, they die.

It’s a good thing, because if not, we would have trillions of people inhabiting Earth. Mere mortals would not have enough resources to sustain them.

Even at less than 8 billion people, the Earth is feeling a little stretched. Climate Change is Real — and it’s caused by humans.

I’m trying to get serious as a writer and thought leader. All the good articles on Medium seem to have a pay wall. I like to be paid for my work, and Medium pays writers for their work.

Becoming a Great Writer

To become a great writer, you have to practice your art (what I’m doing now), and get feedback from your readers.

In order to get that feedback, you have to not only get readers, but also entice them to take the time to give you that feedback.

Getting readers is becoming more difficult on any platform as competition for eyeballs increases as…

Free money for all! Universal Basic Income Sounds Like a Utopia.

It sounds great — guaranteed income paid monthly for every adult man or woman. It is the cornerstone of Presidential candidate Andrew Yang campaign. He calls it the “Freedom Dividend”, promising every US Citizen $1000 a month, no questions asked.

The money could be used to pay bills, go to school, fund a business, pay for housing of the homeless. Finally, some opportunity for those that have not to get their fair share from society.

Unfortunately, there would be some undisclosed side effects.

Massive Inflation

Putting $12,000 a year into the hands of hundreds of millions of adults would cost trillions of…

We live in a world of abundance. Every basic need has been meet in all but the poorest of countries. Technology has enabled humans to conquer the world, enslaving both animals (livestock) and other humans, in our darkest moments.

So Many Resources

Food rots in refrigerators and is dumped off plates in restaurants because it’s good manners not to lick your plate clean.

Hungry? You can get in your car, drive down the street and wait in a line called a drive through and get a days’ worth of calories farmed, slaughtered, processed, cooked and served for the price of one hour of…

It was just over 2 years ago — September. Had my son in May and my mind was in full daddy mode. I had to protect my offspring, grow, be somebody. I was not going to let this opportunity go to waste.

As for formal education, I have a GED. Sales is a position where you can make a lot of money if you hustle hard and smart. For this company, I had raised my regional revenue by 35% in 6 months. …

Robert Tanguay

Deep thought re: Environment, AI, Equality, Economics, Small Business. Founder of New England Marketing & Efficiency; Author of “Incentives and the Environment”

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